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Top 10 Sales Skills You Must Master

All salespersons want to close deals and be efficient as possible, but doing these things aren’t always easy. To be great salesperson requires a combination of quality of the product, sales skills, patience and also luck. As a salesperson you may not have control of the product, and luck, but you can work on sales skills such as:

Building Relationships

The ability to meet new people and build a good long-lasting rapport to expand their network.

Time Management

A salesperson should plan their time accordingly, decision making and prioritizing, setting boundaries and outsourcing tasks, and following a process.

Story Telling

“Be original, and tell your story.”

Being a good storyteller will convince customers that these features will solve their problems in some significant way.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

This skill helps a salesperson evaluate situations with greater attention to detail.

Product Knowledge

Knowing your product inside and out will help If a customer asks you questions about the product which dismay questions about the integrity of the product.

Business Communication

Good communication is crucial to sales success which helps you to make a sale.

Client Engagement

The key to great client management are listening, action using creating problem-solving, teamwork in a culture of respect and integrity, health and wellbeing, continuous learning and development, coaching and mentoring.

Active Listening

Pay attention, show that you’re listening, provide feedback, refer judgment, respond Appropriately.


Empathy is a great skill to have because when talking to customers, you need to understand their feelings and mirror those feelings accordingly.


Key components needed to be a great negotiator are to make sure talk to the Right People, establish the customer’s pain, build the relationship. quantify the value. know your bottom line. stay calm and act like a partner. listen to what the prospect really wants. look for alternatives.


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